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  • posted about this on Facebook 2013-10-07 19:34:07 -0700
    I support Idle No More. Please join me & endorse the movement:
  • Susan Rubin
    endorsed via 2013-10-07 19:33:37 -0700
  • Sandra Willard
    endorsed via 2013-10-07 19:19:21 -0700
  • Ann Carrier
    endorsed via 2013-10-07 19:16:51 -0700
  • Gathering Tribes
    Gathering Tribes Gallery endorsed 2013-10-07 18:50:33 -0700
    We are proud to support Idle No More and all of the good-hearted people who are rising up on behalf of Mother Earth’s children. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, or are coming to visit, please check out our local Idle No More Solidarity SF Bay group on Facebook. We are an active group with regular actions at the Canadian Consulate, the Chevron refinery in Richmond, Kinder Morgan in Richmond, the U.S. Federal Building and other places where we feel our prayers and voices need to be heard and felt. It is time…no time to waste…to ensure the future of our children and our rights as the caretakers of the lands.
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    I support Idle No More. Please join me & endorse the movement:
  • Judith Mackenzie
    endorsed 2013-10-07 14:47:44 -0700
  • posted about this on Facebook 2013-10-07 11:58:11 -0700
    I support Idle No More. Please join me & endorse the movement:
  • Marma Rogers
    endorsed 2013-10-07 11:55:49 -0700
    It’s time we all stand up and act in anyway we can, to save our lands and our sovereignty. We must protect all living things.
  • Rose Shaney
    endorsed 2013-10-07 10:38:10 -0700
    Solidarity and strength in number whith all creatures who rely on the earth to live
  • Rose Shaney
    endorsed 2013-10-07 10:34:27 -0700
  • Irina Hablecker
    endorsed via 2013-10-07 04:00:38 -0700
    We are all indigenous to this planet and have been idle for too long when it comes to thinking of our home, the earth. This is why I endorse Idle No More, and their universality
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    I support Idle No More. Please join me & endorse the movement:
  • posted about this on Facebook 2013-10-07 03:36:46 -0700
    I support Idle No More. Please join me & endorse the movement:
  • Lola Terrell
    Healing Spirit / Healing Earth endorsed 2013-10-07 03:32:32 -0700
    The indigenous are going to be fuel that really gets things moving. To heal the earth, will include spiritual healing for many. We are sick spiritually to be able to do what we have done and continue to do to our Mother Earth. RISE UP Young Men(Women!) of the New Age..and set your foreheads against the ignorant hirelings..for there are hirelings in the court, the camp, and the university..who would forever depress mental..and prolong corporeal war." William Blake, English Writer/Visionary/Artist.
  • dona richard
    endorsed 2013-10-06 15:42:22 -0700
  • Rod McLaren
    endorsed 2013-10-06 10:12:57 -0700
    Tomorrow marks the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Royal Proclamation of 1763. The Idle No More movement offers the best chance that I have seen in my lifetime to force the Canadian government to honour the spirit and intent and legal obligations of that Proclamation. In the interest of the future of my children and their children to follow, I support the movement and its efforts. Idle No More.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2013-10-06 06:32:54 -0700
    I support Idle No More. Please join me & endorse the movement:
  • Kevin Spangler
    endorsed 2013-10-06 06:32:25 -0700
    I stand with all of you. One people, one world standing together for the human race.
  • Vallee JOhnson
    endorsed 2013-10-03 10:07:08 -0700
    We must rise and act to save ourselves from the greed that is destroying us all.
  • Karen Emerson karenrose
    Children's Peace Theatre endorsed 2013-10-03 06:39:35 -0700
    We at Children’s Peace Theatre stand in solidarity with Idle No More. We encourage everyone to take the path of most resistance. Open your hearts and listen to the wisdom of Idle No More. Join the movement to reverse colonization. Do it for the children. Do it now.
  • @wahtasweetnish tweeted link to this page. 2013-10-01 19:11:47 -0700
    I support Idle No More. Please join me & endorse the movement:
  • posted about this on Facebook 2013-10-01 19:11:47 -0700
    I support Idle No More. Please join me & endorse the movement:
  • Tori Cress
    endorsed 2013-10-01 19:11:07 -0700
    Idle No More

    This is not just about now, this is a movement that will shape the way people think about our deep rooted connection with the Earth. The choices we make now, will be lived out by our grandchildren, and their children and their children. Let’s make our future generations proud. Stand up and lets lead the way to change together.
  • Lynda Kitchikeesic
    endorsed 2013-10-01 18:46:49 -0700
    Love Idle No More!

    Stand up for Animals, Fish, Birds & Bees.

    Protect the Land, Air & Water.

    Honour the Ancestors & Descendants.

    Insist on Sovereignty for Our Peoples.

    Make Peace.
  • @FastfortheEarth tweeted link to this page. 2013-10-01 06:29:37 -0700
    I support Idle No More. Please join me & endorse the movement:
  • Phyllis Cole-Dai
    Fast for the Earth endorsed 2013-10-01 06:23:52 -0700
    We at Fast for the Earth deeply respect Idle No More and indigenous people around the world for inspiring everyone to do more for Mother Earth. We are grateful for their taking the risk to invite non-natives to join them in the fight. If we can only prove wise enough to grasp it, we who unite in this struggle have a real opportunity to promote the healing not only of Mother Earth but of deep intercultural wounds. In our coming together against a common threat, in our making common cause, in our sharing a common hope, we seem to be discovering our common humanity. As native people rightly say, we are all relatives. Fast for the Earth pledges to continue to act in partnership with Idle No More and other indigenous allies in support of Mother Earth and native sovereignty and rights around the globe.
  • Christopher Whybrow
    endorsed 2013-09-24 11:51:26 -0700
    Where are we going and

    What are we heading for !

    I had (and have) a dream,that I,d like to share with others.So I thought I,d write it down on paper.

    I imagened a world where every human being on this planet had a house(or home)to call his/her own,with NO debts,a car to drive on clean energy and enough to eat and drink !!

    I imagened parks and sidewalks lined with fruit trees,vegetables and an assortment of herbs for everyone to pick and eat (or take home) what he /she needed;cars and public transport running on FREE and clean energy (without costs).Trains travelling between cities hovering on magnetic railway lines in vaccum tubes(100,s of Km an hour).

    I imagened,because everybody has what he/she needs and everything is free,that people worked for NOTHING between 20/25 hours a week compulsory.Not for

    profit for private Industry but stress free to build a new and better world for ourselves,for our children and our childrens,children.

    I imagened tradesmen building homes and doing repair jobs FREE of charge(because he/she have what they need).We would be building what is good for the environment and what is good for mankind without wages (we have all we need).We would work in a friendly,stress free atmosphere (no worry to lose your job).

    What ever we do,we do for other people,FREE of charge (we have all we need).

    But first the corruption,theft,perversions and scandals have to stop.Private Concerns promoting industry for growth and jobs at any COSTS to mankind and mother earth.

    The billions or trillions of EURO,S,DOLLARS and POUNDS,etc have to flow in the right direction,back into the hands of mankind and mother earth.

    I even think this dream is not so far away,so WAKE-UP my fellow human being.

    Look after each other,look after mother earth,don,t do anything to harm either and everything else will come on its own.

    Here,s hoping to share my dream with all.
  • Gillian Butler
    endorsed via 2013-09-24 09:58:17 -0700
  • Lavonne Garnett
    endorsed 2013-09-24 08:50:58 -0700
    I endorse the Idle No More movement in the name of our beloved country, our wilderness, and our peoples that we may preserve and protect what is beautiful and healthy for all of us.