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Empowering First Nations Communities

Why is it that in such a resourcefully rich land First Nations people are constantly treated without consideration? Now when I say resourceful land I mean, we have all the necessities to live a very clean and healthy life. There is nutrient rich lands on which to grow food and provide the materials to build a home. Since the colonization of Canada First Nations have been treated unfairly. We were told where we could live, how to live and what was ours. Now I believe nothing is ours and I firmly stick behind the saying that we borrow this world from our children. However I am tired of governments putting their hands into our governance. Telling our people how to live. My belief is that we have to stand together as a one aboriginal nation and create an example of how to live in co-existence with the land. The world is moving faster than ever and the knowledge to live a clean and healthy way while still having the the modern luxuries we have grown accustomed to. We can maintain our culture by providing ourselves with the opportunity of true freedom from a Government that only wishes to control us. The way to do this is by using our sovereignty to build an example of prosperous communities with traditional values and self sufficiencies. I see that by coming together we can share culture, and ideas to work towards this as indigenous peoples. This is why I have created the Dreamcatcher project. Please follow the link to learn more.