Ellen Gabriel Solidarity With Mi'kmaq Nation

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  • Cynthia Palylyk      Rea
    commented 2014-11-15 21:11:48 -0800
    Ellen for Prime Minister …..
  • Cedric Engelberts
    commented 2013-10-18 09:52:26 -0700
    The Holocaust against Indigenous people committed by the government of Canada and other institutions continue … Not only this holocaust affect Indigenous People but all people and living being in North America.

    It’s time for Peace and Reconciliation, respect for Mother Earth and all relations; also stop any destructions: this is my message to the government of Canada and all institutions that participate to the destruction of any form of life for profit and selfish interest.

    Cedric – Member of Celtic Nations – Breizh
  • Jeff Irwin
    commented 2013-10-18 07:25:47 -0700
    You have my respect and support
  • Brian Perkins
    commented 2013-10-17 20:59:41 -0700
    How can we show our support and raise awareness on your issues ? I see many of these actions playing out accross Canada showing a deep disrespect for native land rights
    and sovereignty Forcing goverment leaders to “reflect” upon there core accountability
    in the wake of there actions requires core awareness at large scale global level
    investment in such projects requires a lot of money , it realy hurts ones global image to invest
    in a project with “known” deep ethical issues , if the goverment won’t listen often the people “will” bringing real question to there leaders actions and accountability ,
    thank you for showing such a strong voice. I will do what I can to try and help