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Tree Watcher"

As security guard for Cape Fox Corporation, a native Alaska timber company. I drive by this tree daily. It is located 15 miles north of Ketchikan on an old logging road, on Cape Fox property. The tree interested me because of the missing bark, thirty feet up the tree It looked as if a bear had done it. I snapped a picture with my iPhone , not seeing anything other than the missing bark. However...when I got home and looked at the picture again, I was amazed! The Tree Watcher" revealed his face. The eye blows me away. Since I took the picture, alder trees have grown up and block little of the view. I'm so glad I got the picture when I did, March, 2014. PSS the face is on the right side of tree, made from branches and sky. It is large. The eye is to the right, just above the scar on the tree, the nose and mouth are pressed against the tree.