D17 Webinar ~ Indigenous Empowerment & Resistance: Voices from the Frontlines


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This webinar will provide important updates from Indigenous land defenders who are currently resisting aggressive extractive industries supported by the provincial BC government. The BC government has given permits to pipeline companies as well as permits for the reopening and discharge at Mount Polly. This webinar will discuss the ongoing damage done by extractive industries, the problem of First Nations leadership who agree to these practices without consent of the people, and call out the BC government for their continued interference in Indigenous self-determination and sovereignty.

Below is the YouTube direct link to the D17 Webinar ~ Indigenous Empowerment & Resistance: Voices from the Frontlines

“This is a reminder that we are the decision makers and title holders of our own territories – we need to be on the lands protecting it” Kanahus Manuel

Kanahus Manual

Kanahus is a mother and warrior from the Secwpemc Nation in the Shuswap region of so-called British Columbia. She has been active in fighting against development projects and corporations such as the Sun Peaks Ski Resort and Imperial Metals. Recently, she has been involved in organizing to raise awareness about the Mount Polley gold-copper mine tailings spill, possibly the worst mining pollution disaster in Canadian history.

Native Resistance to Canada's Worst Mining Disaster - Mount Polley:

 Freda Hudson & Dini Ze Toghestiy

12395442_10153860910288223_916976987_n.jpgFreda.jpgToghestiy takes the responsibilities of being a hereditary chief very seriously. His philosophy is based on
 the ancient Wet’suwet’en philosophy called “Wiggus”, which requires the highest level of understanding, respect, and humility for absolutely everything.

Freda was chosen to be the spokesperson for the Unis’ot’en Clan in 2008. Her responsibilities as a spokesperson include holding meetings between her hereditary Clan Chiefs, perform liaison duties with industry and government, coordinate messages for media, and research all aspects of which are brought up for discussion regarding Clan business.

Freda and Toghestiy both live at the Unist’ot’en Camp that is blocking 7 proposed pipelines.

How to Stop an Oil and Gas Pipeline:

Published on Nov 5, 2014 by AJ+

 Ricardo Segovia

Richardo.jpgRicardo is a hydrogeologist with the non-profit E-Tech International. He studied geological engineering at UBC and has worked on community development projects in 7 different countries. He is currently providing technical solidarity to indigenous communities in Ecuador and Peru where poorly-regulated mining and oil projects have left a legacy of contamination. Ricardo has been with Secwepemc delegation and monitors to monitor the Mount Polley disaster zone and provides technical assistants to grassroots Secwepemc.

“In times of dictatorship the truth is subversive... but it has to be told” R. Segovia

 Matthew Danes

Matt.jpgMatthew Danes is from Gitgaata (Hartley Bay). He is from the People of the Cane and also Tsimshian. Matthew is Eagle Clan and has been on the Lax Uula for 10 weeks now as part of the resistance against the proposed Pacific Northwest LNG project for a terminal for tankers to transport liquified natural gas.

Check here, a few minutes before 4pm PST on the December 17th, 2015. At that time we will provide a link that will take you to the live webinar on YouTube. If you have questions for the people on the webinar, you can email them to address provided below.




This webinar is dedicated to Secwepemc Warrior Elder Wolverine, Ts'peten Defender and all his dedicated work to defend our Territories.


December 17, 2015 at 4pm - 6pm
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