Community Events to Remember Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women 2014 - Lekwungen Territories

Idle No More strongly supports this event.

* Corner of Quadra and Pandora, in memory of Ariana/Harley Simpson
* UVIC, meet at the Student Union Building. Candles, tea and coffee will be provided. Contact Nicole Mandryk or Ruth Young
* SPIRIT SQUARE (Centennial Square)


After much heartfelt consideration, the organizing committee members have decided not to hold a memorial march this year in Victoria, on Lekwungen territories. Due to a lack of organizational capacity, we made the difficult decision to cancel the march, with the intention of using this year to regroup and come together with renewed energy for 2015 and future years.

Although a march is not being held to remember and honor missing and murdered Indigenous women this year, we call on the local community to come together on February 15th and throughout the coming year to address this important issue. Most of the organizers of the march have been, and continue to be, Indigenous women who are impacted by the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical toll of addressing colonial violence in our daily lives. Below, we suggest several ways that you can take action alongside us, as we continue to work on this issue ongoingly, despite our inability to organize a march this year.

Some ways to remember and honor Indigenous women and girls this February:

1. On February 15th, we call on community groups to gather together in public places around Lekwungen territories (Victoria, BC) at noon, and to light candles in memory of missing and murdered women. If you would like to organize a candlelight memorial gathering, simply post the location in a comment on this facebook event page and we will add your location to the list. We invite you to post photos of the candlelight memorials you participate in or create, to show that Indigenous women and girls are honored and held up in spaces all across these territories. Be creative: make banners with names of lost loved ones, write positive messages to Indigenous girls and women in your community, create art in their honor...and put these in public spaces. This is a call for YOU to initiate a memorial space in your community - it can be as large as a gathering in a downtown square or as small as a candle being placed in your window. Simultaneously, at noon on February 15th, we can pause to honor our lost loved ones and by creating simple memorials in diverse spaces across this city.

2. Attend the memorial march in Vancouver’s downtown east side on February 14th

3. Attend the Moosehide Campaign gathering of Aboriginal men in Victoria on Thursday February 13th

Looking ahead to 2015...
In recognition of the need to expand the range of people involved in organizing future marches, we will be holding a community gathering in April 2014 to revision, reconnect and reform a new organizing group for the march. If you’re interested in coming helping out, please join the facebook group (, email us at ( and come out to the meeting in April. We hope to continue to have Indigenous women’s leadership in organizing future marches, and also call on other non-Indigenous and Indigenous people to support this work by joining this new organizing group.

We respectfully thank everyone who has supported both our work organizing marches over the years, and those who supported our decision-making not to hold one this year. We look forward to making new connections and meeting new organizers as we re-vision for the years ahead, finding new ways to put our energies toward honoring Indigenous girls and women, ultimately changing norms around the violence we continue to face.

All my relations,
members of the memorial march organizing committee

February 14, 2014 at 11am - 2pm
Corner of Quadra and Pandora, SPIRIT SQUARE and UVic
Victoria, BC
Google map and directions
Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie Andrea Craddock Thomas W. Velke Robyn Spilker Crystal Dawn Greene Matt Hammer Tigana Too Bernice M Kamano Karl Hardin Billious Dorklmundus Susan Occupy

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  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-02-13 08:26:02 -0800
    I am disappointed that we are not marching, we have always stood together in Honour of the Stolen Sisters. I asked what I could do when you first posted that you were having problems, I didn't get much of a response, saddened. A call out to the community might of had a different outcome, we as a community have always come together and I see this event which is so important, as no different.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-02-02 20:20:29 -0800
    Were are the problems, can I help. We have this march every year and I would like to know how I can help.