Friday, June 28, 2013
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Scott leo gould

Scott leo gould

Hi i have posted your website on our facebook group, i will post a link to our group below, i tried today but dont know if the ways that i tried worked or not. thanks scott

If you got an application in for status for the qalipu first nations mi'kmaq band, Join the site on facebook by clicking on the link below, We are trying to get as many of the 70,000 applicants together in one group, to date w
James Hemphill

James Hemphill

I would enjoy any willing to teach, to enter my life, guide me.
I can not comply with the Social fabric the modern America teaches, Nature calls to me, Mother Earth, Father Sky, Brother Wind, they guide me. However, I need elder wisdom, in order to better understand! I am reaching out for this help. So that I may better understand myself, others and Mother Earth.