For RIch People ONLY???
1st Nations, Black, Brown & Poor peoples across CalifAztlan resist Displacement, Po'Lice Terror, False Borders,Criminalization & Plantation Prisons with Press Conferences, Actions,and Ceremony

Schedule So far- (More Cities Soon to Come)
12 noon-Thurs, May 7th
-Oakland Eviction kkkort 1225 Fallon st
-Salinas City Hall
-Los Angeles/Venice 11:30am-: Corner of Electric & Palms Ave

Fri, May 8th -
10am-SF DIstrict Atty Office 850 Bryant SF
12noon Fri, May 8th SF CIty Hall- (CIty Atty Office) with "The Mission Takes CIty Hall"
Vallejo Po'Lice Dept
San Jose CIty Hall
Santa Barbara City Hall- Time TBA

To join the event or learn more:

From the original settler colonizers bringing their false borders, slave-catchers (po"lice), paper and mind-stealing poison (alcohol) to steal, rape and pillage mother earth and her earth people to current day 21st century gentryTEchNation, the corporations/speculators and their state agents displacing, incarcerating and/or killing every poor and working person they get, the time has come to name the obvious; California's Indigenous, Black, Brown, Poor and Working class peoples are undergoing the final and most deadly colonial removal project so California can become a state for Rich People Only.

Like previous apartheid/colonization removal projects throughout herstory from the Congo to South Africa to West Papua to the 1st theft by colonizers of Turtle Island, they always involve covert and overt genocide, extra-judicial killings of the indigenous peoples of the land, the workers, and the children. All of these acts of genocide and removal are rooted in the theft of resources from ancestral lands of the indigenous peoples and the ongoing destruction of Mama Earth and Mama Ocean.

From LA to Oakland, from Salinas to San Francisco 1st Nations, Black, Brown,Disabled and Po peoples are resisting this Removal project. We are taking back our civil and human rights, our ancestral lands and saying NO we will not be moved.

Each press action will begin with multi-nationed prayers for victims of gentriFUKation & State Terror: Evicted elders who crossed over shortly after being evicted; Ron Lickers, Elaine Turner to Black & Brown Men & Womyn victims of Po'Lice murder & Displacement; Amilcar Lopez, Alex Nieto, O'Shaine Evans, Yuvette Hernderson and many more...

Join IdleNoMore LA, California Network of Revolutionary Change, POOR Magazine, The Manilatown Heritage Foundation, Idriss Stelly Foundation, Our Mission No Eviction,OCNC (Oceania Coalition of Northern California) and many more on May 7th & 8th across California at 12 noon as we put forth clear demands which include continuing to pressure District Attornies across the state to convict Ellis Act using real estate snakes with Elder Abuse, to launch an immediate moratorium on more rich people housing devil-opment by speculators, to institute the Homeless Bill of Rights, to charge Killer Po'Lice with Murder and much more. In Oakland we will be at 1225 Fallon, eviction and foreclosure kkkourt In San Francisco, Salinas and Los Angeles we will be at their local City Halls. If you are from another city and want to sign on to do an press conference and/or action email us at or call 510-435-7500 .

So far endorsers/co-creators include California Network for Revolutionary Change, Idriss Stelley Foundation, POOR Magazine, Aunti Frances Love Mission Self-Help Hunger Program, Manilatown Heritage Foundation, Idle No More Venice/LA, Our Mission NO Eviction Oceania Coalition of Northern CA- Youth Justice Coalition Justice for Mario Romero, OaklandSinFronteras, San Francisco Bay View Newspaper Western Regional Advocacy Project, (People Organized for Westside Renewal) POWER, Sin Barras, Justice for Frank Alvarado

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May 07, 2015 at 11:30am - May 08, 2015 May 07, 2015 at 11:30am - May 08, 2015
Pacific & Electric
Venice, CA
United States
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