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Stop Unauthorized Euthanasia

Care2petitionsiteSIGN IN Help Stop Human Right's Violations Unauthorized Euthanasia Help Stop Human Right's Violations Unauthorized Euthanasia 92 SIGNATURES BY:Dean BordodeTARGET:Unauthorized (Passive, Secretive or direct) Euthanasia and Suspected... Update #1 December 16, 2014 Thank you for signing the petition to Stop Unauthorized Euthanasia.. The United Nations, General Assembly, The United Nations, Human Rights' and Civil Society Div., The International Criminal Court, the Vatican and the Elijah Interfaith Institute have been contacted. Remember writing a letter to your Local, State and Federal Representatives and letting them know how you feel will have a great impact.. #LettersSaveLives Dean Bordode, About This Petition Action to Stop Unauthorized Euthanasia - Campaign is to Raise Awareness. / Action to report incidents of unauthorized euthanasia / The goal is to prosecute perpetrators and collaborators of unauthorized euthanasia. Help in prosecution of perpetrators, whom use euthanasia under the guise of care Help in prosecution of perpetrators, whom use euthanasia under the guise of care, that may be motivated to save money and/ or deem the victims life worthless, or hopeless and terminal. Doctors, Nurses and others government workers, and others whom practice such acts, or are in cohesion by self, or as a group, should be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity by the International Criminal Court. Unauthorized euthanasia (whether passive, secretive or direct) is against the he Universal Declaration of Human Rights, see some excerpts that apply The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations)Article 2.Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, We need to prevent circumstances of unauthorized euthanasia. We firstly need to educate ourselves, and monitor our ill relations and friends care - to prevent their right to life being violated; however long they may have to live. Remember, just because a doctor states / signs a expected length of life is left, this does not mean that this is what is happening ... A patient may go on living for years or decades ****The argument is not about people on life supports, and that are brain dead and withdrawing life supports, as this is another issue that has major ethical implications. We need to protect the elderly, terminally ill, mentally ill, poor and physically handicapped persons, where others deems them a burden, on society, and that their life is worthless and of no value, and find an opportunity to save money. These people, as said above may be targeted, via opportunistic criminals, such as those above said persons coming to them to get help, but instead are put through a death panel and even secretly decide to put then under DNR order's, withdrawal of care, withdrawal of food and water (could be provided, but left for the patient to help themselves, but terminally drug up the patient) and provide narcotics and other medications to hasten death, Under the guise that death may be imminent, or the patient will suffer. Educate yourself to protect yourself and your loved ones. Lay no fear in a diagnosis nor a prognosis. Be wary of individuals or groups of predators trying to save money, at your expense by using their analysis. You must second guess and get second opinions and analyze what is said to you, outside of their influence. Manipulation and deception can be unfolded, and you have the power! By signing this petition ... ... ... We ask that the International Criminal Court prosecute Unauthorized Euthanasia, as crimes against humanity. Unauthorized euthanasia crimes that are perpetrated by hospitals, Care homes, Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Psychiatrists. Caregivers etc. need and should be prosecuted. We need Regulations for surveillance of work environments, where such crimes can be normally perpetrated on the infirm. Causes of death, also need to be scrutinized by third parties to rule out unauthorized euthanasia, or if found that patient/s have been killed by the above said practice, then prosecutions need to be made appropriately. sign now.