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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 02:57

Sources for Treaty and Indian Act Text and Background

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Peace and Friendship Treaties:


This fact sheet does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Federal Government.


Treaties Backgrounder


The Royal Proclamation 1763


These are the Treaty text only.I did not include the fact sheet because I find that they don't reflect the First Nation perspective.When reading these; please remember these are two part and developed according to the time.Basically we wanted a place to continue our traditional life (hunting, fishing, ceremony), not necessarily Reserves, those came in with the Indian Act.We wanted access to education but not necessarily to be tossed into Residential schools to “kill the Indian, save the man”.We wanted trade goods so that we could still be economically independent.We didn’t ask for more than anyone else; just the same opportunities…it was the implementation of these treaty promises that colonial interpretation kept us poor and marginalized.We don’t have “more” than other Canadians or get “more” for being Indians.We get less, legislated more and carry the weight of an entire society that doesn’t know its own history.


Treaty 1-2


Treaty 3


Treaty 4


Treaty 5


Treaty 6


Treaty 7


Treaty 8


Treaty 9


Treaty 10


Treaty 11


This source is completely wrong:If you don’t live or purchase on Reserve; you pay all the same taxes as anyone else.Income tax, sales tax, tire tax…


As long as Canada continues to benefit from the extraction of resources from ceded land…Canada should expect the Treaty to continue.It wasn’t like buying a car in a 5 year term.It was a mutually beneficial agreement between two nations.


A Good Backgrounder on the Indian Act


The Gradual Civilization Act


The Indian Act

 Current copy:Notice that it is current to Dec.10, 2012.New copy is pending.


Links to government archived amendments and historic document of 1876 are down.



The Constitution Act 1982 Section 35

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