Friday, June 28, 2013
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Sunday, 27 January 2013 02:56

Omgosh...about those audits!

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This is a quick note to help the shear volume of friends who have been inboxing me as the very distorted and poorly researched spin on corruption in Reserves and Scandalous Improper Audits and numerous other misinformed rhetoric that have hard-working Canadians believing the worst of its neighbours so that it can deflect from the very real and much scarier cognition that their government has put their drinking, bathing and living water in direct harm. It’s easier to be mad at us if you have a fraction of the picture than to recognize that your government is no longer a governing body but a corporation that is going to sell you off piecemeal to other countries. First they will sell off your oil to other countries and contaminate most of the water to do this. This is creating a demand for clean drinking water which they already have private industries ready to sell you your water…forget about finding beaches and water recreation areas that are accessible to anyone who doesn’t make serious coin. If you are mad at us…consider us a drain on society…you won’t really reflect on the fact that this government is no longer accountable for things like the Robofraud scandal, the F-35 scandal, the Omnibus Bills which are so huge that it is impossible to debate all aspects of them…and on top of that unamended; meaning that they aren’t even listening to anyone who is outside their cabinet. They need to keep the emotion high so that they can keep most people distracted from anything else they do.

So here is a list of some of the best blogs, articles and resources that I have managed to scrounge through in my probably thousands of posts of the last month. I’m putting them all on one page so that you can read them yourself and then cut and paste them into the comment sections of these posts. I suggest you do this because, you might not ever be able to change your friend’s mind. Most people spreading this already have a deep seeded belief structure around what is being said. They are sharing because they believe it to be true and it would be nice if we could change people but we can’t . We can only point the person in the right direction and they must feed themselves. What you are ultimately hopeful to accomplish is that all of their friends and family will see an alternative view to the situation. In effect, you are balancing out the situation instead of allowing very poor research and spin rhetoric to go unchecked. It’s not a fight. You don’t have to force them to change…just plant the seed and move on. Thank you for all of you who are looking for this information and I hope it helps.

Karl Neremberg: Renouned Political Journalist discusses First Nations Funding

Lorraine Land: Lawyer

Chelsea Vowel: Lawyer and Aboriginal Blogger (known for breaking down the complicated structures around First Nations Management into managable chunks)

Chelsea Vowel:

Daniel Wilson: freelance writer and consultant on human rights and aboriginal policy.

Emma Lui: Journalist

Know your Rights: A Treaty Primer for Non-Natives

Lawrence Martin: Ottawa based public affairs columnist

Elizabeth May: MP for Green Party

What if Natives stop Subsidizing Canada?

And a little extra information about Ezra Levant; he has been found of guilty of liable on at least one occasion and it was sited that he did not do thorough investigation before he hurls his assumptions.


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