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Thursday, 10 January 2013 00:00

Johnston agree's to hold ceremony for 150 Chiefs

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Governor General David Johnston plans to hold a ceremonial meeting with First Nations leader’s tomorrow night, after they meet with the Prime Minister.

But is that enough to call off the potential boycott to Friday’s meeting with Stephen Harper?

When Chief Theresa Spence started her hunger strike a month ago, her intention was to get a meeting with Harper, Johnston, and First Nations Chiefs.  The Attawapiskat Chief made it clear yesterday that she will not attend tomorrow’s meeting unless the Governor General is there.

Chiefs around Canada have been supporting her decision and talks of boycotting the meeting made the headlines yesterday.

But with today’s news that Johnston will hold a ceremony after the meeting with Stephen Harper, a question remains: is that enough?

Chiefs are in Ottawa right now meeting about these updates. Francois Paulette stepped out to give CKLB an update:

“To some degree there seems to be a crack in the government’s position. But the stronger thing is that the chiefs are standing in solidarity about how they really want to meet with the Queens representative and also the Prime Minister. So that seems to be solid. And right now the debate is still going on as we talk.”

Paulette says the chiefs want Harper to come to their meeting going on right now where about 500 chiefs are planning and organizing.

Only 30 chiefs are invited to meet with Harper tomorrow and 150 are invited to the ceremony with Johnston.

It is unclear what the ceremony will look like and whether there will be room for discussion.

It’s still being decided whether or not chiefs will boycott tomorrow’s meeting.

The Assembly of First Nations is addressing the media right now in Ottawa.  It is expected, this press conference will outline their position on the meeting with Harper and the ceremony with Johnston. 

Iman Kassam / CKLB News

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