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Tuesday, 25 December 2012 00:00

On January 1, 2013 - Call to all Pipe Carriers, Keepers of Bundles, Sweat Lodges, and Ceremonies

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Four (4) Founding Woman of Idle No More (L-R) Sheelah McLean, Nina Wilson,  Sylvia McAdam,  & Jessica Gordon Four (4) Founding Woman of Idle No More (L-R) Sheelah McLean, Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, & Jessica Gordon

A Call Out of Extreme Importance & Significance from our Dear Friend EMIL BELL

Christmas has always been one of the saddest day of my life, my "Mother" made the journey to the spirit world on Christmas day in 1951. I was nine years when this happened and the most excruciating pain you could experience, with time the pain is bearable, but I still experience a deep sadness. The principal of the Beauval Indian Residential School wouldn't allow me to go to the funeral of my "Mother". We are in the process of the Truth and Reconciliation and I still don't get what that was all about, do we forgive our oppressers? Few of the oppressers fall into the catagory of psychopaths and sociopaths and have no feelings for what they do. The majority have feelings and they have this man made ritual of confessing. They go through the act of confessing for their horrendous crimes against humanity, and they are told, say three hail mary's and one, our father and your sins are forgiven. But they keep coming back again and again and again and confessing for the same crimes, the confessional is a revolving door. These crimes or sins fall under the catagory of the assimilation policy, white paper policy, the buffalo jump etc. They are all an attack on the identity, language, culture, family, belief system etc. The pope, steve harper made a public confession and people rejoiced, harper apologized to the Aboriginal People for past sin committed by past governments and other people, intending on getting, all the land and resources from Aboriginal People. It was not an apology, it was, damage control, a public relation scheme. Greed, short sighted vision (to the closest Bank), and no value on human life are very powerful forces that drive people like steven harper and his croonies and the multi national corporations. I thank the "Creator" and the GrandMothers/Fathers for the gifted, four poweful Young Women of the "Idle No More" movement and the many other Powerful Women/Men who have come into my life. These Young Women have conducted themselves in a manner that is very admirable. These are the true leaders, in the struggle for "Mother Earth", the other life forms that have sustained us from the begining of time and for our Children, GrandChildren and the ones, not yet born. At this time allow me, the opportunity to thank my "Mother" GrandMother(s), GreatGrandMother(s), Aunts, my biological Daughter, and my two adopted Daughters, Grand Children and Nosismak, for helping me for what I am. And, I thank you for not taking my right to be sad for the loss of my "Mother", on this day.

The four Young Women came at a very opportune time, and they are a gift from the "Creator", as are all the other Women who have supported the movement in the struggle against the distruction of "Mother Earth" and the elimination of future generations.

It is with this in mind, on New Years Day, I'm humbly putting out this request to Women/Men Pipe Carries, Keepers of the Sacred Bundles, Sweat Lodge Operaters, the many gifted with Sacred Ceremonies, to lite up the Sacred Fires and Pray so that we can save "Mother Earth" from further distruction, for Future Generation.

For me to say that, I'm not afraid to die, I wouldn't be honest. As I stated, when I began the hunger strike (on the 12th of December) if we do not see anything positive, thirty days after the start on Jan. 10/13, I'm willing to give my life so future generations can survive and enjoy the many gifts from the "Creator". I have a lot of very good reason to want to live, and I have a lot of faith in all of the Aboriginal People and our Sisters and Brothers of other color, who are in this struggle to save "Mother Earth" for those that are living and those not yet born.

Thank You and keep the movement Peaceful, our Children are watching, via "Mother Earth" and Future Generations.

Elder Emil Bell

Emil Bell went on hunger strike December 11, 2012 in support of Chief Theresa Spence and all the reasons people of Idle No More began, please see the initial Post made on this website for more information:

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