Friday, June 28, 2013
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Sunday, 31 March 2013 06:57

Canada's Court system: A hostile place for Indigenous people

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I am appreciative of the public interest that people have in my section 15 Charter court case, where I am challenging the continued sex discrimination and the denial of Indian status registration due to an unknown paternal grandfather. 

When a father's signature is lacking on a child’s birth registration form, and the mother is registered under section 6(2) of the Indian Act, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s (formerly Indian and Northern Affairs Canada) “paternity trap” denies the child status registration.  Disturbingly this practice of denial also occurs in situations where the child is the result of sexual violence such as rape. 

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Devon Meekis

A website designer and developer by day ( and a part of F.A.M. ( by night, Devon is a youth leader for Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win North-South Partnership (, a husband and father of 4 beautiful girls. Oh yeah, he also made this site by donating his hard work and funds toward hosting and programming.

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