Friday, June 28, 2013
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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00

Idle No More National Day of Solidarity & Resurgence

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Where: In your home town
When: December 10th
What: Call or send letters to your MP,Visit MP's Offices, hold Teach-ins.
Demand that our government be accountable to the Treaties and to Mother Earth!
Our Silence is Consent!!!

A peaceful call to action requesting acts of solidarity against government and industry actions that use legislation and disregard free, prior and informed consent to further their agendas in the name of profit and progress disregarding the natural law to live as one with Mother Earth.
December 10th marks the international day for Human Rights. Idle No More is requesting that all our relations take part in a peaceful demonstration of solidarity.

As we all know the government and numerous corporations have been overriding and ignoring our basic human rights through policies, legislation and industry activities for profit. The government and industries have been failing to implement the United Nations Declaration Rights of Indigenous People. They have also been ignoring and pacifying the need to be responsible and live as one with Mother Earth.

We as a collective must do what we as individuals feel is the best way to show the government and corporations that we will no longer be silent and apathetic to their activities.

We are now suggesting to our relatives throughout turtle island to attend the government buildings (offices of MP's, MLA's, legislative buildings) as well as industry corporate offices to demonstrate that we do not agree with their practices. If you cannot make it to these centres we suggest writing letters and emails as an act of solidarity.

I would also recommend that you go visit your elders, your family, tell your stories. Go hunt or fish, take part in your ceremonies, speak your language...TEACH your language, guide our young ones, sing your songs and embrace your nationhood in any way you can.

Not only on this day but everyday. LIVE IT.
We remind you that peaceful acts and large numbers of people will speak volumes.
Please join us in this act of solidarity and be part of a great grassroots movement.


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Devon Meekis

A website designer and developer by day ( and a part of F.A.M. ( by night, Devon is a youth leader for Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win North-South Partnership (, a husband and father of 4 beautiful girls. Oh yeah, he also made this site by donating his hard work and funds toward hosting and programming.

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