Friday, June 28, 2013
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Celebrating Greatness (2)

Friday, 10 May 2013 18:06

We Borrow From Our Children

Written by


                                                             & They're Taking It Back


They Have Spoken...


I wonder what would happen if all our Seventh Generation stood all at once & stopped them...THE CHILDREN...after all IT'S THEM who we borrow these lands, water, and all....more and more everyday, I see MORE & MORE OF the CHILDREN STANDING UP! 








Ta'Kaiya Blaney

12 young leaders changing Canada

Generation Why: Ta'Kaiya Blaney













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With Idle No More only months old and the intensity of energy that lead the movement into the lives of millions worldwide from the tables of families to the tables of the fingertips shared on social media to the lips of children, youth, and adults in classrooms...we sometimes get preoccupied with planning the next steps, creating and creating, to the next everything to create more awareness, knowledge, and empowerment; that sometimes we forget in our busy selfless days of Idle No More to show and share our gratitude.

Therefore, this goes out to all those who are doing their part to support humanity and Mother Earth to heal, celebrate life, and honor each other...this goes out to the walkers, the water walkers, the fasters, the ceremonial holders, the pipe holders, the hunger strikers, the ones who are putting their lives on the line to create Change.

We can not ever show or say enough to share how grateful and thankful we are for all that you do...therefore, we send this out to all of you (not limited to any)...

With humbled respect to all peoples of all languages, creeds, and cultures, I send this out on behalf of all and in my Cree language (only because it's the closest word I know) as a way to express the utmost gratitude is to say,


I can not completely translate in English or any other language without it loosing it's true value but I can try my best ...

it means:

to be grateful, with the most respect, honor, with humility, and whole hearted joy, and love...


We send this out and dedicate these Indigenous (Native American) Poems to you all...

we smudge and pray the Eagle Beings carry our prayers and hopes on their wings to the Creator for you all...

#idlenomore Forever...its a Spirit and Lives!



(Retrieved April 23, 2013 from

Life offers us the opportunity to become a Spiritual Warrior. 
A warrior is one who bravely goes into those dark areas within 
themselves to ferret out the Truth of their being. 
It takes great courage, stamina and endurance to 
become a Spiritual Warrior.

The path is narrow, the terrain rough and rocky. 
You will walk alone: through the dark caves, 
up those steep climbs and through the dense thick forest. 
You will meet your dark side. The faces of fear, deceit, and 
sadness all await your arrival

No one can take this journey but you. 
There comes a time, in each of our lives, 
when we are given the choice to follow this path. 
Should we decide to embark on this journey, 
we can never turn back.... Our lives are changed forever 
On this journey, there are many different places we can 
choose to slip into and hide. But the path goes on. 
The Spiritual Warrior stays the course, wounded at times, 
exhausted and out of energy. Many times, the Warrior will 
struggle back to their feet to take only a few steps before 
falling again.

Rested, they forge on, 
continuing the treacherous path. 
The journey continues. The Spiritual Warrior 
stays the course. Weakened, but never broken. 
One day, the battle, loneliness and desperate fights are over. 
The sun breaks through the clouds; the birds begin to sing 
their sweet melodies. There is a change in the energy. 
A deep change within the self.

The warrior has fought the courageous fight. 
The battle of the dark night of the soul is won. 
New energy now fills the Warrior. 
A new path is now laid before them. 
A gentler path filled with the inner-knowing 
of one who has personal empowerment.

With their personal battle won, they are filled with joy. 
A new awareness that they are one with the Spirit beams 
as they go forth to show others the way. 
They are not permitted to walk the path for others. 
They can only love, guide and be a living example 
of the Truth of their being.



A Song of Hope

A Song of Hope by Oodgeroo (Kath Walker)

(Retrived April 23, 2013 from

Look up, my people,

The dawn is breaking

The world is waking

To a bright new day

When none defame us

No restriction tame us

Nor colour shame us

Nor sneer dismay.

Now brood no more

On the years behind you

The hope assigned you

Shall the past replace

When a juster justice

Grown wise and stronger

Points the bone no longer

At a darker race.

So long we waited

Bound and frustrated

Till hat e be hated

And caste deposed

Now light shall guide us

No goal denied us

And all doors open

That long were closed.

See plain the promise

Dark freedom-lover!

Night's nearly over

And though long the climb

New rights will greet us

New mateship meet us

And joy complete us

In our new Dream Time.

To our fathers' fathers

The paid, the sorrow;

To our children's children

the glad tomorrow. [1]


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