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What is the name of my childhood creek?

There is a tributary of Nose Creek (which is a Bow River tributary) which flows through Confederation Park here in NW Calgary. Ever since I was a kid I've seen how those creeks don't get the respect they deserve. We call the little one 'centennial park creek' but I have never heard a formal name. Maybe there is someone here in treaty 7 territory who knows more about this beleaguered stream. Large portions of it have been buried in tunnels over time, but it is still a living creek. A section was confined to a tunnel under the old Highland Park golf course but that area is going to be redeveloped as a residential area. Reestablishing a more natural creek bed is NOT in the plans. That is a BIG mistake, and a missed opportunity to help heal: the scars known as parts of Calgary, ourselves, and our relationships with the rest of creation. I'm a white guy in his fifties and I haven't tried to do a damn thing about it until now. I should probably be writing city hall but here I am instead, perhaps on more productive ground at the Idle No More website. I guess I want to know that I'm not alone in recognizing this symptom of the madness. So far I haven't seen much of a push to save what's left of the stream except for hydrological reasons (huge storms), as if that isn't reason enough (apparently not). I hate the thought of all the people in that future neighbourhood living over a sewer tunnel when the kids could be playing in the creek and everyone could be enjoying the enhanced life of the area. Time is short on this issue, I've waited too long to speak out. I don't know how to fight this battle but i feel that something sudden, fun and unexpected might shine enough light on it to wake up the city and the "developers" to do the right thing. I think we could probably form a wide but focused coalition to at least gather in the park for a symbolic gesture that would be noticed, and maybe gain some momentum to revitalize this waterway. If we can consciously recognize the sacred nature of this little creek before the proposed building commences we will enhance the positive future energies and actions that happen there and prevent the negative. Most people don't know that there are fish living in Nose Creek, they don't even think about it. They think it's just a ditch beside Deerfoot trail. Deerfoot was a long distance runner, where do you think he got his water? Chances are if you drank it nowadays you'd be sick. Until that water is clean again and people are happy to tube down that creek in summer, we aren't much farther ahead than where they were back then. What about the source of the little creek? I've never seen it go dry, it's magic. Why do I not know the source? I grew up here! Something is wrong with this picture for sure but people love, Love natural bodies of water just as surely. If just the people who have floated, paddled, skipped rocks or fished around here could be assembled it would be quite a crowd (okay, how many?) Water is it. Pictures from space show mostly water and vapor, we still call it Earth but without the water .... Please provide me a copy of this email, . Thanks for everything. -=-adb