#IDLE NO MORE ( Sudbury #oct7proclaim)

Hosted by : Bruce McComber
Crystal Kimewon
Shelley Trudeau- Shabogesic

Calling all supporters of human and environmental rights.

October 7, 2013 is the 250th anniversary of The Royal Proclamation. The Proclamation was an agreement that formed the foundation of what is now the Canadian nation-state. This was one of the motivating factors for the network of Idle No More to make a call for a day of action.

Regardless of how you view the movement, one of the main uniting factors for the mass demonstrations that occurred last winter was and is the continued and increasing denial of environmental and human rights. While we do support the six point list of demands that the Idle No More organizers have stated as their objectives for the demonstration on October 7th it is also true many common sense proposals have been put forth by credible people to address First Nations and Canadians concerns around treaty rights, environmental tights, workers rights, and so on. However, they are almost never implemented. The 1996, Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples serves as a prime example.

Another uniting factor in the popularity of the Idle No More at its height was that Bill C-45 deregulated over 90% of waterways in Canada, and presumably for industry. Those waterways remain unprotected in the face of the tar sands oil transport projects, continued approval of permits for fracking, and the potential transport of nuclear waste through the Great Lakes.

The multitude of crisis that are faced by the environment or ecosystems and ultimately the human race are not being addressed in a way that is consistent with Canadian values of equality before and under the law and within society. It is clear that corporations are above the law and much more influential in writing legislation and directing economic and political processes. It is for this reason that direct action, demonstrations are important.

The awareness among the broader public in the people who share the land base called Canada about corporate and government collusion against the interest of the broader public. A notable example of this is the massive NSA illegal spying database and system that has been revealed over the past number of months.

For Sudburians and Northerners mining, extracting and exploiting are our means to an end. While this may be true there is a fair segment of the population who seek social and environmental justice outside of the current mechanisms of change within Canadian law, politics, and other influential institutions. There is even a larger population who are appreciate and are concerned about the safety of local lakes and waterways. Idle No More is a network of such people and on October 7th, 2013, the people who live in and around Sudbury are encouraged to attend this rally.

We want to come together in friendship, peace, positivity, and humility against the forces that deny the environment and us the fairness and equality we deserve. Thank you- Miigwetch

Idle No More Sudbury Event Oragnizers

October 07, 2013 at 6pm - 9pm
Tom Davies Square
200 Brady St
Sudbury, ON P3E 5K3
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