mayka communitee in canada liyk standing rock

hiy id luhv tu help uhs build a standing rock kiynda vlodj (village,town) communitee ~ i wahna mayk natural clay ceramic evereething housez and windmilz and water purifyrz and stovez saunaz n evereething i want tu liv in a vegan tradition ov nonvictomiyzaytion and build greenhouse housez and grow big gardenz in them, i havnt chozen land if aneewuhn wahna du that n hav land and or know ov spotz we need tu protect (water/forestz/evereewhere) then pleez let me know u wahna <3 z =) also i post @ u can joyn awzell <3 z =)

February 02, 2017 at 8:17pm - 8:17pm
@ where du u wahna?
in canadaim in caslgary atm
calgary, AB
Google map and directions
nubrdu (nu) · · i donthav wuhn
nubrdu (nu)

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