Connect the Dots: Refinery Corridor Healing Walks

Say NO to dirty fuels and YES to clean energy!

It's time to transition to a fossil free future.  Join us for the second of four healing walks along the refinery corridor in Northeast San Francisco Bay.  We will begin at the Martinez  Waterfront Park (home of the Tesoro and Shell Refineries) and walk in prayer and conversation to 9th Street Park in Benicia (home of the Valero Refinery).  

Healing Walk #1 from Pittsburg to Martinez, California: Walking next the Martinez Shell refinery

This series of healing walks were inspired to bring awareness to the refinery communities, invite community members to get to know one another, and to show support for a just transition beyond fossil fuels. 

Native American elders and community members will lead the walk, stopping to pray at certain places, including the water.  We will from the Waterfront Park in Martinez to the 9th Street Park in Benicia, and will be walking over the Benicia/Martinez bridge.  A flotilla of canoes and kayaks will be in solidarity on the Carquinez straights as we walk over the bridge.  The walk is approximately 7 miles with support vehicles so that walkers can rest whenever they would like.  There are also several places where walkers can join the walk along the route (continue reading for details of route).

Walkers follow the Eagle Staff on walk #1 (held by Zephyr Phoenix on the left)

Around the last mile, walkers will be encouraged to begin imagining their own communities beyond fossil fuels and what they would ideally be like.  Walkers will be invited to share those ideas with their own drawings on muslin at the end of the walk.  The muslin squares will be sewn in to a quilt and shared at the next two walks on June 14 and July 12.  Art from the first walk from Pittsburg to Martinez on April 12 will be exhibited.

Artwork from Walk #1

We are working on public transit options - please check: for up to date transit options.  To carpool please contact: 

Taking BART?  Have questions? Email us at

Opening Events• 8:15 AM - Prayers for the water with Idle No More SF Bay
• 9:00 AM - Sign in, Opening Rally with Speakers from Martinez Environmental Group and Idle No More -The Walk• Prayer at Shell Refinery
• Around 11:45 AM - Very Windy Bridge Crossing
• Prayer Over Valero

Ending Events
• Process of Imagining: The future of our community
• Local Benicia speakers
• Art Project and Picnic

Two important considerations1.) Please bring your own lunch and snacks. Lunch will not be provided.
2.) At whatever point you decide to leave, you need to provide your own transportation back home.

So, what should I bring to the Healing Walk (besides my positive energy)?• Sunscreen and a hat (even if it is overcast)
• Asthma inhaler/medicines
• Refillable water bottle (we will have water for refills along the route)
• Snacks: energy bars, fruit, trail mix, and your lunch
• Fully charged cell phone, camera
• Comfortable shoes and an extra pair of socks
• Money for: necessities along the way, a 2014 Healing Walk t-shirt ($5-$20 sliding scale),
a donation for our expenses, if you wish.
•Wear layers of comfortable clothing that you can use to adjust your temperature.
• Check the weather and bring rain gear if there is a chance of precipitation.

What should I NOT bring to the Healing Walk?• Do not bring weapons of any kind
• Do not bring drugs or alcohol

Questions or concerns?
Please call (510) 619-8279 (keep this number handy during the walk).

256px-Sunflowers.jpgNon-violence agreement: At the beginning of the Healing Walk, we will ask you to sign an agreement to participate in this event in a non-violent manner, for the well-being of all involved, and out of respect for the tradition of Healing Walks.

All participants in this Healing Walk are asked to agree to the following action guidelines and principles. Having this basic agreement will allow people from many backgrounds, movements and beliefs to work together. They are not philosophical or political requirements placed upon you or judgments about the validity of some tactics over others. These guidelines are basic agreements that create a basis for trust, so we can work together and know what to expect from each other.

  • We will use no violence, physical or verbal, toward any living thing. By violence we include comments or behavior that are racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, class-ist or otherwise oppressive
  • We will carry no weapons
  • We will not bring or use any alcohol or illegal drugs
  • We will respect each others voices and tactics and work to insure that all of our issues are heard
  • We will not intentionally harm or put at risk those who have not agreed to participate in our nonviolent actions

Can you chip in at least $5.00 to help with the costs of the Healing Walks?
Contributions to Healing Walks!

Lots of happy, satisfied walkers at the end of walk #1

The Route: Possible Joining Points in BOLD - Times are approximate - Call (510) 619-8279 the day of the walk to find out exactly where we are!

8:15 am - Prayer for the water & opening rally at Martinez Regional Shoreline Park

10:00 am - Walk begins

*11:45 am - Arrive at Bridgehead Road (foot of the Benicia/Martinez Bridge) - A good place to join us!  Walk across the bridge - Flotilla of kayaks and canoes in the water in solidarity!

12:30 - Benicia Bridge (I-680 Northbound) on bike/walk path
*Vista Point: Prayer & Teach-in - A good place to join us!

1:30 - Leave Vista Point, retrace walk back to post bridge turn. Turn left away from bridge at the walkway.
At STOP sign, turn left on Park Road.
RIGHT at Adams Street
At STOP sign, left on Adams Street which turns into East Military
Left at East 5th Street
Right at East H Street
Follow East H Street to 2 baseball fields (George Ribeiro Field (AKA Maria field) and Fitzgerald Field) Restrooms available
Proceed on East H Street
Left on East 2nd Street down to water                                                                                                               *STOP at corner of East B Street and First Street in grassy area - Good place to join us! Mileage remaining: 1.7 miles - Amenities Available: Parking/Restrooms/Food and drink sales
Proceed up FIRST STREET (away from the water) through town center
3:30 END - 9TH STREET PARK for Rally & Envisioning Art Project - Amenities available:Restrooms/Parking/Playground/Boat launch (for Kayak crew)/Picnic tables

Join hands! Join hearts! Join us!

May 17, 2014 at 12pm - 7pm
Martinez Waterfront Park , California USA
N Court Street
Martinez, CA 94553
United States
Google map and directions
Gathering Tribes · · (510) 619-8279
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