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canadian COURTS and POLITICAL interconnection

as I have said before, many know of wide spread corruption. Why was Theresa unsuccessful at getting the GOVERNOR GENERAL and the PRIME MINISTER in the same office. The answer to that is quite clear. Right now, THE GOVERNMENT OF/DU CANADA has an invoice for $30, 010,425.00 owing to me. It has since been passed on to THE CROWN and if not handled properly, will double to $60,010,425.00 plus a fine and interest at 4%. It will then go to international collection. It is no longer a DOMESTIC matter, IT is INTERNATIONAL.. Here is the latest excerpt from the file; Letter of ninigiwaydinnoong to THE CROWN of ENGLAND and THE PRIVI COUNCIL April 21, 2015 This represents the 16th day since the email and verification received from the OFFICE of BERNARD VALCOURT. HIS title and position are stated in the attached documents. to: THE CROWN of ENGLAND (since the Scottish outcome is still in question) -includes- THE PRIVI COUNCIL. addressed to: QUEEN ELIZABETH, REINE ELIZABETH: HOUSE of WINDSOR Buckingham Palace London SW1A 1AA England. I will make this brief and to the point. Your appointed TRUSTEE of the INDIAN TRUST here in the region known as canada or shall we say it as it really is; THE GOUVERNMENT OF/DU CANADA (inc) has lied. YOUR OFFICE as EXECUTOR is thereby being requested to replace this TRUSTEE. YOUR OFFICE means THE CROWN. Failure to attend to this matter puts YOUR OFFICE in default and points in the direction of YOUR OFFICE and THE TRUSTEE to conspire to reduce and in fact eliminate the BENEFITS due the beneficiaries. Documents attached. It has gone on long enough. This would now fall UNDER International law and no longer be a matter confined simply to THE TRUST or as YOUR TRUSTEE would have it, “a domestic matter”. Schedule of beneficiary compensation attached. ninigiwaydinnoong James Shanks 905-834-2249 grandson of Eva-Murtle Manchester, King, McDuff (of the Chippawa Nation) adopted by Mr. & Mrs. King who had Royal ties with George V and she married Alfred Joseph McDuff.