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Idle No More in Sprague River, Oregon

I could guess that there is only 1 person in Sprague River who belongs to Idle No More. That is far better than 0. I am a descendant of Evens of Siberia, Wasco, Nez Perce, and Yakama Nations. I was raised by my elderly Grandmother, who was taught by the Jesuit Missionaries at Fort Simcoe Washington. She was the grand daughter of a Duwamish Chief from the coast in Washington State. By the time she passed away she had seen the world change from horse drawn buckboards to modern automobiles. She witnessed the prejudice towards our people to the enthusiastic celebration of our American Indian Blood. She told me to watch, there will be signs that the world is about to change drastically. I did, in the mean time I lived my life until the day I had a 4 hour and 30 minute seizure at Sundance. That day changed everything, that seizure showed me my path. I am the President/CEO of Looking Glass Peyote Church of Oregon today. I am, indeed, Idle No More.