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I am a senior and Canadian and USA military vet. i DO NOT support Idle no more and could list dozens of reasons why but won't waste the ink. With all the tragedies that went on in Ottawa I am surprised this group hasn't disbanded by now. I notice they didn't show up in Ottawa for awhile now and if they did it was safe distance from the Main buildings, probably good thing for them. They are slowly fading out thank goodness, but there are still a lot of fanatics and revolutionaries connected with them sad to say. I speak in schools and universities and encourage youth to consider the military as a career both for education and trades, its a very rewarding future. I have received community awards for my volunteer commitments but most natives just scoff and show even more disrespect it seems. I am sure most vets are turning in their graves or would if they could see what is happening with our people and their goals. It is a very sad time, but lets make some things clear, this has nothing to do with destiny or freedom. I have seen the misuse of ceremonial rituals and regalia to promote this hatred coming from this group. I think it is time real Canadians stood up and let this group know its time is over. We live in such a free country with freedom to gather and speak but that has been taken advantage of. Time for some tea...Mike Bell, Winnipeg