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Colonialism 150

I attended 3 stores in my small community and removed Canada day celebration items from their shelves that were offensive. These items depicted the name "Canada" and had pictures of Totem Poles, Inukshuk, Native arts and other Native representations on them. I politely spoke to the store Managers and asked them to not sell items that depict these culturally appropriated Sacred symbols alongside the name "Canada" because they suggest Canada owns the symbols. The stores were Walmart, Dollar Tree and Dollar Villa. All located in Collingwood Ontario. The Manager at Dollar Villa agreed to not sell the items. The Manager at Walmart agreed to run my request up to higher managers and agreed to not restock the shelves pending a reply from their head office. The manager at Dollar Tree was quite put out but agreed to set the items aside, however... As I was leaving I heard the manager tell an employee to put the items back on the shelves. I gave them the following letter to raise their awareness why selling those items is offensive,( Feel free to use it if you like it) 150 Years! I am From Mishkeegogamang, which, by a non Native war ended up on the north side of the imaginary line that divides Canada and the USA. I have" so called" " dual citizenship" because I am both "Canadian" and "American" and the reason for that is because of the Jay Treaty 1794, there is no such thing as a border for Natives In Canada. What this means is I am neither a Canadian nor an American citizen, I am a North American Indigenous person. The following is what it means to be a civilized Canadian and it is why I think that no one should ever admit to being a "proud" Canadian citizen… In the name of civilization we the “Indian savages” were forced to accept the "civilized" Europeans. We were reduced from 20 million to 2 million by the USA's $5.00 man, woman and child scalp bounty and the slaughter of entire sleeping villages by General Custer, along with Edward Cornwallis in Canada whom founded Halifax in 1749. That same year, he issued a bounty for the scalps of Mi'kmaq men, women and children. You gave us smallpox laden blankets and “holy water” vials of smallpox that were given as gifts to leaders to bring back to their villages. Add the genocide of the residential schools that practiced torture, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse and slavery in the guise of education. Add in the babies of Native women that were impregnated by the priests then the babies were killed and buried in the surrounding forests. The forced sterilizations of Native women and the kidnapping of hundreds of thousands of Native children by child protection services under the guise of “we know what is best for them”. The medical experiments done on Native children to see how we would react when certain foods and vaccinations were withheld. You placed healthy children with those that had tuberculosis and other diseases to see what would happen. On top of that, to claim the country you outlawed our language, our religion and our way of life. You made it illegal for us to hire lawyers and killed off our means of sustenance then forced us onto reserves that were intentionally set on useless land that had no possible means of economic development. In exchange for access to our land and resources you told us that you would share the bounty of the country and care for us for as long as the sun shines, the rivers run and the grass grows if we signed treaties of peace and friendship and then you broke your treaty promises. Kinda changes the scale of bad and the perception of who was really civilized doesn't it? Tell me of any society that could come out healthy after all you have done? The red on the ends of Canada's flag represents the blood of Native sacrifices so Canada could prosper and become as it is today. Why is “proud” Canada celebrating 150 years of genocide?