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Our Home

Our home, our world, our mother earth. The sun, the wind, the earth, the water. Look after it, protect it. It`s everything we have. It`s what our children deserve, when we`re not here for them. Our world, our rotating energy grid. Designed by god to support and keep all living beings, to thrive on if looked after and protected. So time to stop and not progress, down the road, the road that will only lead, to pain and misery Economy growth at the cost of mother earth Producing endless, mindless gadgets, that we really do not need. Time to learn and find, what our ancestors once knew, and use the energy around us, that surrounds us. Let`s learn about our world of spirit, our world of energy. The energy that surrounds us all, the sun, the wind, the water. The earth, the living fire ball, we all are sitting on. The sea of water that our fish are swimming in, is no different from the sea of frequencies, that we are swimming in each day. A sound that can`t be heard, the pitch so high. A sound that can move mountains, that moves matter. Waves that connect us to another, our minds locked together as one. Our intuition, never to be lost. So extract no oil, extract no gas, from the bowels of our earth. Leave the minerals alone, the food that`s for our earth. Like we don`t squeeze the juice from the fruit, or suck the blood from our veins. if we want to survive and be strong.. So don`t let us waste time on economy growth, to produce, what we don`t really need. A high cost to mankind, a profit for the few. Let`s heal our world and enjoy its beauty now and foreever and allow our children to swim, in the rivers and in the seas. To drink the water and to grow healthy food, that strengthens their bodies, that strengthens their minds, and Let them feel the sun and the rain on their faces, for many a year to come.